Fine art giclee designs have layers of transparent reflective forms of familiar objects in respectful remembrance of times past, now and for all time.

Visual Studies and Visual Culture are similar in that they aim to provide an interdisciplinary platform for students whether they are interested in becoming scientists, anthropologists, sociologists or whatever, because visual observation is crucial to knowledge in science, artistic expression and almost any other field.

Students arrive at the universities with a technical capacity in imaging and are able to produce and view enormous quantities of images because of the predominance of the electronic media and steady growth, transparent methods, ease of the use of technologies and visual literacy that has produced a sophistication that is unprecedented in any of the years of art history. 

Machine vision assists in the interpretation of images from camera and sensors.  A common visual language is able to incorporate visual perception and produce visible images. 

The principles of visual perception begin with a journey that explores the meta narrative of what's been done, what's happening in neurobiology and a forecast of the scientific revelations and expectations of the knowledge seeking visual brain.


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NIKKO, Original Digital Design

The silent early morning snow that fell on the historic mountain village of Nikko.

The forest echoed our muffled sounds and transformed them into whispers of our expressed amazement of the beauty that surrounded us.  The signed gallery wrapped edition is 18"x24”

KYOTO, Original Digital Design

A visit to the studio of Uichi Shimizu, Japanese National Living Treasure, was a highlight of the 1958 Kyoto trip.

We were greeted by the Master in his great white flowing robes, and he served us tea. He opened his grande studio for us. He, also, allowed us to witness the throwing technique of his "deshi", which is the subject of the design. The signed gallery wrapped edition is 26"x22”